Häggatorp Ekhamra 1
576 92 SÄVSJÖ
+46 (0)382-401 33
+46 (0)709-24 50 76
Ekhamra Gård

Ekhamra Farm

– a heavenly kingdom for both humans and animals

At the farm there are foster cows with their calves, sheep and hens along with the cats Sara and little Charlie. You can feed the sheep with grain that is on the farm if you want. In the summer they eat grass by the log house and by the pond.
The farm is called Ekhamra from being surrounded of oak-trees (Ek is the word for oak-tree). The oldest has a circumference over 4.3 m and is very old. The farm is situated on historical ground with many ancient monuments, the oldest one from approx. 3000 years B.C.